don’t lose heArt

twyla-tharp-quote“Ready to disappear…Where do you go from here?” Underneath it all, The Kin

The creative process is never an easy road. There are times you want to just disappear in the midst of the hard part. Give up. Other times, basking in that difficulty, is exactly where you need to be…in the rawest part of that journey. The struggle is what could make something good, great.

Twyla Tharp is known amongst the art community as a creative guru worth following. She writes that “no one starts a creative endeavor without a certain amount of fear; the key is to learn how to keep free-floating fears from paralyzing you before you’ve begun.” (The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life)

When you find that life has some walls up that you don’t want there, see the walls as a box that gives you the opportunity to step up and get a bird’s eye view on the situation. Whether you dance, paint, sing, compose or act find your home in the art that brings you life.


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