make room for art

Imagine leaving all your current belongings in your home for over 70 years-untouched-a time capsule. This article about French socialite and actress Madame de Florian was so stirring as it revealed a lot of tangible pieces of art and reflections of life in Paris. What would be the value of the items we choose to keep in our home now? We know first hand that our laptops, TVs and personal devices depreciate almost once we buy it.

The timeless value of art that takes time.

The timeless value of art that takes time.

When we look back to the belongings of the past, items were valuable because they took time and specialized training to make. Paintings, glassware, furniture making, textiles-all detailed works that are hard to find, let alone replace today.

Dance, in its truest form, has become one of those pieces of art. Originally it was something everybody did. Culturally, it was one of the only forms of socializing and entertainment.

What has happened to the art of dance in our present day? Has it become only a form of reality TV, a competition, a desire to be a principal dancer or can we claim it as a timeless imprint of our culture whether we go to the Royal Opera House or Oshawa Little Theatre? The art of performing is not “for sale” however it is an item of cultural value because of all the time, dedication and specialized training that is required from the people that create it.

What happens when people stop buying tickets to go experience culture? Whether it is a ballet, a play, an opera or a gallery-invest in something that doesn’t depreciate-appreciate art.


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